Why Nutritional Medicine?

“Every time you eat or drink,

you are either feeding disease

or fighting it”

Heather Morgan, MS, NLC.

The health of our body is controlled and influenced by biochemical reactions; these reactions require fuel in order to happen in an optimum way, this fuel being vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that we acquire from our diets daily.


When some of these nutrients are missing, our body has to adapt in many different ways in order to make these biochemical reactions happen, the constant lack or excess of certain nutrients, with time, can cause the development of certain diseases.


Nutritional Medicine analyses a person holistically, not only looking at the dietary intake, but also environmental, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle factors. Treatment and dietary plans are always personalised to your needs for the best possible results.


High quality and practitioner only nutraceuticals might be prescribed, this can help accelerate the treatment progress and/or even bring a quicker relief to certain conditions by helping the body to achieve an optimal nutritional status.