• Thais Tisatto

We are made to MOVE!

Learn about the importance to move your body to improve your wellbeing and feel happier.

The practice of regular exercise is extremely important for our bodies.Physiologically, our bodies are designed to move, it loves and highly benefits from movement. Regular exercise reduces cortisol levels (stress hormone), modulating our bodies stress response, improving our immune system, decreasing chronic inflammation, improving circulation, cardiac and respiratory health, improving insulin sensitivity, and last but not least, it is extremely important for hormonal health in females and males.

Simple tip: Always listen to your body and respect your own limits; don’t compare yourself to anyone and make sure that whatever the activity you do, it has to make you feel happy!

It is important that when engaging in a new activity you really enjoy what you doing; avoid committing to a type of exercise that you dislike only to “burn out” calories; find something that is sustainable for the long term and becomes part of your routine.

Muscle-building exercises, like weight training and Pilates are extremely beneficial for health and wellbeing and it is considered one of the best anti-ageing habits you can create, especially after the age of 30 onwards, when we pretty much only build muscle-mass if we work for it!

This doesn’t mean you have to be going to the gym and lifting weights; simple things that you do daily will help you build muscle mass, such as gardening, walking, riding your bike, dancing, walking your dog, using the stairs more often, walking to the shops instead of driving, etc. Remember that our bodies are designed to MOVE!

Now, keep in mind that over-exercising can also be detrimental for health; balance is the key. Extended cardio activities become catabolic, meaning that you will start breaking muscle down instead of building it; this process produces high amounts of free-radicals, as most of you might know, free radicals produce cellular and tissue damage. When that happens, the body needs high amounts of anti-oxidants to prevent overstimulation of muscle and tissue breakdown and accelerated ageing processes. If this situation keeps happening over and over again, the physical activity that was supposed to benefit your body, can end up harming it and causing elevated stress. It will increase cortisol levels and can start to “play up” with female and male sexual hormones as well as thyroid function.

Always remember, exercise should make you feel restored and energetic, not depleted; it should make you feel stronger, more flexible and happier. If the opposite to any of these is happening, something is not right and you should seek professional advice. Simple tip, always listen to your body and respect your own limits, don’t compare yourself to anyone and make sure that whatever the activity you do, it has to make you feel happy!

Get moving my friends!

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